Doctoral Fellowship

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Doctoral Fellowship

In November 2015 The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund launched its Baily Thomas Doctoral Fellowships.  There has been a high level of interest and number of applications, with the following studies supported to date:-

  • "An investigation into the role of attentional control in autism spectrum disorders" being undertaken by Iti Arora at the University of Nottingham;
  • "The mental health of father carers of a son or daughter with an intellectual disability: A mixed methods approach" which was undertaken by Kirsty Dunn at the University of Glasgow. Kirsty was awarded her PhD and an abstract can be found here
  • "Information sampling: testing for common pathways towards learning disability in pre-term infants and infants at familial risk for ASD" being undertaken by Janet Parsons at Birkbeck College, University of London.
  • "Person and environmental characteristics associated with anxiety in minimally verbal individuals with autism" being undertaken by Georgina Edwards at Aston University. 
  • "Social Vulnerability in Developmental Disorders: Focusing on Autism and Williams syndrome to understand the role of learning disability, social behaviour and anxiety" being undertaken by Ellen Ridley at Durham University.
  • "A study of life years lost and care pathways in adults with learning disabilities; a real-world observational study" being undertaken by Freya Tyrer at the University of Leicester.
  • "Understanding self-injurious behaviour and self-restraint in children with autism and intellectual disability" being undertaken by Katherine Marlow at the University of Birmingham.
  • "Language abilities in adults with Down Syndrome: Searching for language markers of age-related cognitive decline" being undertaken by Elisa Mattiauda at the University College London.
  • "Behaviours that challenge in SATB2-associated syndrome" being undertaken by Lauren Shelley at Aston University.
  • "Machine learning using mixed imaging, clinical and biofluid markers to reveal the early stages of progression of Alzheimer's Disease in Down Syndrome" being undertaken by Mina Idris at King's College London.
  • "Investigating the use of pain medication in adults with learning disabilities : relationship with polypharmacy and impact on health-related outcomes" being undertaken by Christine Pacitti at the University of Glasgow.

Up to two fellowships will be awarded each year to support promising researchers to complete a PhD on a topic relevant to people with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities).


Make an application

Applications are considered annually at the Board meeting in June. The next deadline for applications is 1 March 2024. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in June. Fellowships will be awarded in open competition.