Doctoral Fellowship

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Doctoral Fellowship

In November 2015 The Baily Thomas Charitable Fund launched its Baily Thomas Doctoral Fellowships.  There has been a high level of interest and number of applications, with the following studies supported to date:-

  • "An investigation into the role of attentional control in autism spectrum disorders" being undertaken by Iti Arora at the University of Nottingham;
  • "The mental health of father carers of a son or daughter with an intellectual disability: A mixed methods approach" which was undertaken by Kirsty Dunn at the University of Glasgow. Kirsty was awarded her PhD and an abstract can be found here
  • "Information sampling: testing for common pathways towards learning disability in pre-term infants and infants at familial risk for ASD" being undertaken by Janet Parsons at Birkbeck College, University of London.
  • "Person and environmental characteristics associated with anxiety in minimally verbal individuals with autism" being undertaken by Georgina Edwards at Aston University.
  • "Social Vulnerability in Developmental Disorders: Focusing on Autism and Williams syndrome to understand the role of learning disability, social behaviour and anxiety" being undertaken by Ellen Ridley at Durham University.
  • "A study of life years lost and care pathways in adults with learning disabilities; a real-world observational study" being undertaken by Freya Tyrer at the University of Leicester.
  • "Understanding self-injurious behaviour and self-restraint in children with autism and intellectual disability" being undertaken by Katherine Marlow at the University of Birmingham.
  • "Language abilities in adults with Down Syndrome: Searching for language markers of age-related cognitive decline" being undertaken by Elisa Mattiauda at the University College London.
  • "Behaviours that challenge in SATB2-associated syndrome" being undertaken by Lauren Shelley at Aston University.

Up to two fellowships will be awarded each year to support promising researchers to complete a PhD on a topic relevant to people with learning disabilities (intellectual disabilities).


Make an application

Applications are considered annually at the Board meeting in June. The next deadline for applications is 1 March 2023. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in June. Fellowships will be awarded in open competition.