General programme

Application for funding is normally considered for capital and revenue costs and for both specific projects and for general running/core costs. Grants are awarded for amounts from £250 and depend on a number of factors including the purpose, the total funding requirement and the potential sources of other funds including, in some cases, match funding. 

Please refer to the eligibility criteria and sections 2.5 and 2.6 of the Fund guidelines for full details on the areas of work normally considered within the Fund's policy and for those areas outside the policy.

The Fund operates two general grant funding streams, a General Grant Programme for appeals of £9,000 and above and a Small Grant Programme for appeals below £9,000. Please scroll down to read further detail about the Small Grant Programme.

A further application from an organisation will not normally be considered for a period of at least two years after consideration of a previously successful grant (if your previous application was unsuccessful, this period is one year).  Please note this does not apply to recipients of funding through the Research Grants Programme.

Please note that the Trustees will not consider more than one application from an organisation at any one meeting at a time.

All applications to the Fund may be subject to independent review.

Small Grants

The Fund operates a programme for small grants which awards grants up to a maximum of £5,000. These appeals are considered solely by the Chair of Trustees and outside of the usual meetings in March, June and November.

Applications for small grants are made in the same way as general grants and you must complete the online application form. Such appeals are usually considered on a monthly basis, or as demand decrees. 

The closing dates for the deadline for applications do not apply.

Appeals for funding of below £10,000 will be considered through the small grants programme. Where the recommendation by the Chair is to award more than the maximum of £5,000, the appeal will be referred to the next Main Grant Board Meeting.

The applicant will be notified, in writing, of the outcome of the application.

Looking to continue an application?

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The next meeting to consider funding applications of £9,000 and above is to be held in June.

The rolling application deadlines are:-

  • 1 December for consideration at the meeting to be held in March. 
  • 1 March for consideration at the meeting to be held in June. 
  • 1 August for consideration at the meeting to be held in November. 

Please note, late submissions are not permitted and your application will be processed in accordance with the above timetable.

You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as you are able, rather than waiting for the deadline.

If both references are not received in a timely manner following application, this may result in your appeal not being put to the Trustees within the usual timescale. The appeal will then be held pending receipt of the references. Subsequent to which your appeal will then be presented to the Trustees at the next scheduled meeting. However if it has been some time since the original application submission, it may be necessary to withdraw your application and direct you to submit a fresh appeal. 

You are encouraged to check with your Referees that they have submitted their references.