Research Grants

In addition to the main grants programme, the Fund also operates a programme for small grants and research grants.

We generally direct our funds towards the initiation of research so that it can progress to the point at which there is sufficient data to support an application to one of the major funding bodies.

Please note, the Fund does not usually support qualitative studies.

Before submitting a full application, it is recommended that researchers submit a one page summary of the proposed study so that the Trustees may indicate whether they are prepared to consider a full application. The one page summary should include sufficient description of the proposed study design and methods to assess the proposal, and hence only a brief introduction, and an approximation of the likely sum of money to be requested.

Applications will only be considered from established research workers and will be subject to normal professional peer review procedures.

On completion of a supported study, it is a requirement that a report is submitted.  Please click here for a pro-forma Research Report. Once complete, please send to the Secretary to the Trustees.

See our research application guidelines for more details. These have recently been revised and applicants considering submitting a proposal should review these carefully.