What Happens Next?

The stages of an application for a General/Small grant only are:

Step 1  

Apply online - please complete the online application form following the instructions given.

Step 2  

Acknowledgment of application - you will receive an automatic electronic acknowledgement of receipt immediately upon the successful submission of your online application.

Step 3


If you have not uploaded your supporting documenation at the time of submitting your on-line application, please send your accounts to the Secretary to the Trustees marked with your unique on-line reference.  Alternatively you can submit the supporting documentation via email to info@bailythomas.org.uk.

If you have not contacted your nominated referees, please do so immediately upon submitting your application.  Appeals will not be considered until we have receipt of both references and it is the Applicant's responsibility to instruct the Referees.

Should a more up-to-date set of accounts be available before the meeting, please forward a copy annotating them as being in support of your pending application, together with a copy of the electronic acknowledgement received at step two.  It is preferrable that this is sent via email.

Step 4  

Consideration by the Trustees at the scheduled meetings (see deadline dates)

Step 5  

Formal acceptance or rejection of the application following the meeting - all applicants will be advised in writing of the Trustees' decision after the meeting.

If your application has been successful, you will receive a formal grant offer letter for you to sign and return as acceptance to the terms and conditions of the grant offer.

Please note that it is the Trustees' policy not to disclose the reasons should your application be unsuccessful.

Step 6  

If subject to independent review, written notification of Grant Assessor visit - the Fund have a panel of Grant Assessors who carry out independent reviews on behalf of the Trustees. After each meeting they are advised of the projects requiring reports and of any particular questions that the Trustees have raised in regard to the application.

If the Trustees have elected for a Grant Assessor to visit your project/organisation and following liaison with the Grant Assessor, you will be notified in writing of the name of the Assessor who will then contact you directly to arrange a mutually convenient date to visit.  Should a visit be requested, the Assessor would expect to see a Trustee, Project Manager and someone at your organisation dealing with the particular project for which you are seeking funding.

Following receipt of the Grant Assessor's report and consideration of any recommendations made to the Trustees, you will receive either a formal grant offer letter as laid out in step five above, or alternatively formal notification that your application for funding has been unsuccessful.

Step 7  

Funding - following receipt of the signed copy grant offer letter, payment by cheque will normally be made within one month. This applies to grants under all programmes ie general grants, small grants and research grants.

If your grant was subject to conditions i.e. raising the balance of funds required, please notify us in writing to confirm that the conditions have been satisfied, following receipt of which the grant payment can be made.

Step 8  

Official receipt of grant - please send an official acknowledgment of safe receipt of the cheque.

Step 9  

Project report - if the terms of your grant offer are that you submit a written report, please send this as stipulated in the letter.

If you have any further details regarding the status of your application please contact us.